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Best house interiors in Los Angeles

When we say that Atelier K provides some of the best house interiors in Los Angeles, we are not kidding! Atelier K has been in the interior design industry for a long time. Our studio houses some of the best designers, artists and craftsmen in Los Angeles. We also collaborate with artists from outside to give our clients some of the best interior and furniture design.

We are based in Los Angeles, CA and are one of the leading design studios. This city serves as a source of inspiration for our designs, reflected in our previous works and projects.

You will find that for our interior designs we like to keep things simple by making use of neutral tones and using a minimalistic style. This adds a certain sophistication to your home. It also makes your interior look simple yet elegant. We believe that a house should be a place of comfort. For this reason, we try to make use of neutral colors that allow a range of decorative and complementary items to be easily incorporated to your interior.

We also provide bath and kitchen interior services. We also design custom tiles for your baths and kitchens. For these spaces of your house in addition to the living area, we like to make use of maximum lighting. Natural lighting works the best in adding a homely touch. Believe us when we say this there is nothing better than natural sunlight. This also adds space by making it appear bigger. We try to use it to the maximum.

Atelier K is also renowned for furniture design. Our craftsmen are not only talented but are also hardworking. You will see this in the furniture pieces that they create. For us, it is an art piece as it gives our clients the satisfaction of an improved and enhanced lifestyle.

In our best house interior designs as well as furniture designs, we make use of flowers and floral designs. These add a touch of natural look to your interior. Not only does it enhance the appearance of your interior, it also adds color to it.

We ensure that our clients’ requirements and preferences are given the most importance. This is the reason why we have them informed on all the project stages from the designing phase to the product phase.

At Atelier we put special care and attention to giving back to the community. This is why you will find us working on restorative project and involved with the city council.

Check out our portfolio on our website. It will help you in understanding the style of Atelier K. Contact us and get in touch with us for more information about the services that we provide.


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