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Kenneth Boyer

Kenneth Boyer approaches interior design as a cohesive marriage between current trends and traditional roots, form, and function. Largely inspired by classic interior design, fashion textiles, and silhouettes, along with art history, Kenneth creates wonderfully unique, yet timeless residential and boutique commercial spaces that the firm’s clients can endlessly enjoy. 

 After studying Fashion Merchandising and Commercial Design at AIU London, Kenneth received his BFA in Interior Design from Cazenovia College in New York, garnering experience and a heightened passion for design that led him to work on the merchandising and sales teams with renowned fashion brands, including Ralph Lauren. Inspired by integrating fashion and design, Kenneth has focused his passion in the world of interiors, launching his own lifestyle design firm. 

 Striving to design truly one-of-a-kind spaces, Kenneth values collaboration with local craftsman, artisans and other designers, allowing Atelier k to develop fully customized homes and boutique properties that reflect his client’s individuality and lifestyle.

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Kristin Gunnette

Known for her extensive background in interior design and the cultivation of timeless, classic and historic spaces, Kristin Gunnette brings with her a broad sense of aesthetics and styles to Atelier k and its clients.

 After studying interior design at UCLA, Kristin’s interior design expertise grew as she spent the following 12 years working on the sales and interior design teams for iconic lifestyle and design brands, including Barclay Butera and Ralph Lauren.

 Further channeling her passion for historical pieces and designs, Kristin launched her own antique business in 1998.  Kristin has since worked on the restoration of four iconic historical buildings in Los Angeles, embracing the deep-rooted styles of the spaces and creating interiors that integrate classic and current aesthetics to highlight rich historical elements. 

 Kristin now dedicates much of her time to designing a wide variety of residential projects, emphasizing the importance of relationship building with each and every client. Kristin thrives on embracing and celebrating her clients' various senses of style and interior design interests.