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Home furniture design in Los Angeles

Atelier K provides many services other than home furniture design in Los Angeles.  We not only give you furniture but give you the experience of an enhanced everyday life. In addition to this, we also provide hospitality design and restoration services. Because of our vast experience in interior designs, we have been able to attract a large variety of clients.

Our in-house designers bring you sophistication as well as comfort to your homes. Their experience and aesthetics are to be marveled. Our custom designs range from classic to contemporary, often experimenting with both. We value craftsmanship and artistry which can be reflected in our top-notch designs.

We have also collaborate with other artists on many of our projects. Their expertise and creative talent has helped us in coming up with some of our finest interior and home furniture designs.

As you will see in our portfolio, we absolutely love to incorporate floral designs into our interiors. Whether it is the fabric that we use or actual flowers, we believe that it add a homely look to your interior. In addition to creating exquisite and luxurious furniture for your homes, we also make custom furniture for your offices, dining rooms and other areas.

At Atelier K, we believe that a house is more than a place for you to relax. It is your sanctuary where you come after a day’s work to mediate and enjoy quality time with your family. We believe that being on the same page as our client is the key factor in putting this belief into actual realization. Our clients help us move forward in the designing for the kind of interior that they want. And we make sure that our clients are never disappointed. From the conception stage to the final product stage, we make sure that we have our clients involved on every aspect of the project.

You will find that we use minimalist elements in our designs, be it in interior or home furniture design. We like to keep things simple and you will witness this in the color scheme that we make use of in our designs.

We believe in giving back to the community and therefore, we participate in restoration and renovation projects. Our community of artists at Atelier K is hardworking and passionate about the work that it does. For us it is not only about providing interior design, we also improve your quality of life by giving you an improved lifestyle.

Our entire design process from the conception to the actual product involves the use of excellent craftsmanship where we pay attention to detail.

You can check out our portfolio on our website to gain an insight into the kind of work that we do. Call us for more information regarding our services. Hoping to hear from you soon!


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