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Kitchen and Bath Designers in Los Angeles

Atelier K is an interior, hospitality, furniture and restoration design studio that is based in Los Angeles. We provide a range of designs that vary in sophistication. We like to mix modern and contemporary designs with classic designs to give your interior a makeover that speaks elegance and comfort.

We believe that a house is a sanctuary for its inhabitants. In addition to this, we believe that our interior designs give our clients the satisfaction of an improved lifestyle. Therefore having an interior that suits the people of a house is our utmost priority.

Atelier K has in-house designers including kitchen and bath designer in Los Angeles that are focused on providing its clients with the best, quality work. In addition to this, we also work with artists whose experience and techniques we value and incorporate in our designs.

One thing that you will notice at Atelier K is that we pay special attention to quality craftsmanship. This is why we have in-house carpenters and artisans whose quality work we trust. From the carpentry to the texture and design of the fabric, we make sure that all of these elements work together. This is why most of our time on a project such as furniture making is spent on the design process.

Other than this we provide interior designs for homes and offices. Our designs are customized according to the preferences of our clients.

Our goal is to make your surrounding visually and aesthetically pleasing. In our designs for kitchen and bath, we like to keep things simple by using warm, neutral tones. By utilizing the spaces effectively, we like to incorporate maximum lighting. Also, our tiling and flooring can be customized to your liking.

Here at Atelier K, we are actively involved in restoration projects. Some of these include renovation of historical bathrooms and interiors by our designers.

The most important thing about interior design is to make your surrounding environment look pleasing. Therefore, having to little or too much can have bad impact. Having too little means that the place lacks elegance and having too much can make the place look like it lacks refinement. Finding a balance between this is key when it comes to our designs. You will note that our designs at Atelier K make effective use of space. For this we like to take advantage of lighting that allows the room to look more spacious. In addition to this we also use neutral color schemes.

You will also note that we use a lot of floral designs in out interior as well as furniture designs. These add color to the space.

We have in-house kitchen and bath designers in Los Angeles, whose experience and expertise has allowed them to be the best in the business.

You can see our portfolio on our website to find some of our best interior designs. You can contact us for more information regarding our services.


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