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Latest furniture designs in Santa Monica

Atelier K provides a range of interior design services. We also provide furniture design and hospitality services. Our studio is composed of artists and craftsmen, whose quality work we value. In designing furniture, our artists and craftsmen collaborate with other designers. Their exquisite designs reflect the hard work and effort that goes into making a piece of furniture. What we make is more than a piece of furniture, it is a work of art. You will find that our quality craftsmen are very detail oriented.

We provide latest furniture design in Santa Monica.

Atelier K is based out of Los Angeles. In addition to having in-house artists and designers, you will often find us collaborating with other artists and designers who have helped us in coming up with some of our finest designs.

You will find that in our designs we use a lot of flowers and floral designs because we believe that adding flower to you interior can never be wrong. This added natural look to you interior makes any space stand out, it adds a certain character to it. Similarly in our furniture, we make use of floral patterned fabrics that add a subtle touch. Floral pattern are never out of fashion, they have always been a part of latest furniture design.

In our interior designs, you will find that we try our best to keep things simple. From the color of the wallpaper to the actual color of the upholstery, we make use of neutral tones. Not only do these help in making the interior look spacious, they also can be contrasted with a variety of interior items such as furniture and other decorative items.

In designing your interior, we make sure that our clients’ requirements and preferences are given attention. To maintain this, we are always in touch with our clients and have them informed about our design process. Our designs are custom made to fit your aesthetics. You can often find us collaborating with other top designers, whose work inspires us. We regularly incorporate their work into our furniture and interior designs.

To make your interior look spacious, we make use of maximum lighting. In addition, we use mirrors and glass to make your space look enhanced.

At Atelier K, we understand the value of giving back to the community. For this, we have participate in many restoration and renovation projects. We have worked on projects that involve restoration of bathrooms.

Our interior designs not only add a certain sophistication and refinement to your interior, it also adds to an enhanced experience of an improved lifestyle.

Check out our portfolio on our website to get a taste of our interior designs. Contact us to get more information about the services we provide.


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