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Residential interior design Los Angeles CA

For the locals of Los Angeles, Atelier K has been providing unique and custom designs for a long time now. Our custom designs range from residential interior designs to furniture designs. We believe in providing our clients with quality work, this is why you will often find us collaborating with other artists.

You will witness the standard of quality craftsmanship in all of our designs. From the designing stage to the final product form, we are meticulous in giving you designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also comfortable as well as practical.

When it comes to residential interior design Los Angeles CA, we take inspiration from our surroundings. The cultural mix that the city of Los Angeles exudes has influenced so many of our designs. Whether classical or modern, we like to experiment by fusing these elements into our interior designs.

We like to incorporate nature and wildlife into our interior designs whether residential or commercial. Floral textures are found in most of our residential interior and furniture designs, be it the most colorful to the most neutral themed. Our designs follow one principle: simple yet elegant.

Specifically for our residential interior designs, we make sure that the atmosphere is pleasing to the mind and the soul. We make use of spaces in an effective way so that they appear spacious and not too cluttered. For home interior, the key thing is not to overdo an interior by having too many items. It is essential that the interior makes the inhabitants feel comfortable and puts them at ease. The interior should have an impact and not feel too forced. Keeping these things in mind, we focus on the preferences of our clients in the designing process.

By introducing plants and flowers, we intend to add sophistication to the interior. We also try to make use of vases, rich furniture to add character to your interior.

We want to offer the best to our clients. This is why their say and sense of style is significant for us in the final design. Our expertise together with our clients preferences enable us to produce and create some of our finest designs. For us client satisfaction is of top priority. This is why we keep our clients involved in the entire designing process. We believe that our residential interior designs give you an enhanced lifestyle.

One of the driving forces at Atelier K is that we believe in giving back to the community. Because of this ideal, we have been involved in many restoration projects. These have helped us in being more aware of the impact architecture and interior design has in everyday life.

You can check out some of our designs on our websites. Contact us for more information regarding the services we provide. Get in touch with us!


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