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Top residential interior designers Pacific Palisades

Atelier K is based in Los Angeles, CA. Our top residential interior designs range in variety from classical to modern and even involves incorporating both designs to give you sophistication and as well as comfort.

Atelier K has the top residential interior designers in Pacific Palisades. In addition to providing interior designs we also provide furniture designs.

Our designs are unique in the sense that they are customized according to our clients’ tastes. Not only this, but we also collaborate with other artists to give you the best designs. We also have in-house designers and craftsmen. For us, each of our project is important because of the creative challenge it brings with it. This adds to the experience and expertise of our top residential interior designers.

Since we are based in Los Angeles, we often take inspiration from the city. Our designs focus on different aspects of an interior, from the upholstery of the seating, to the wall paint, table tops, accessories and the color scheme.

Accessories and items such as plants, vases and mirrors can be added to enhance a space. But having too much can cause the space to look cluttered. This is why finding a balance is necessary in order to make you interior look luxurious and also have a homely feel to it. In addition to this, we make sure that your interior looks spacious. This is done primarily by making effective use of the space which includes adding items such as mirrors to make your interior look sophisticated.

We work with our clients to give them the best results.

Atelier K has been in the residential interior designing, hospitality and furniture design business for a long time now. We have been able to do that because of our dedicated team of professionals, whose quality work has enabled them to be known in the industry. In addition to our talented team, you will often find us working with designers from outside the company. Their designs have been a part of the final project.

We give credit where it is due and so we thank artists and our in-house residential interior designers who have collaborated with us over the years.

At Atelier K, we value the quality of craftsmanship. This is apparent from the fact that we pay attention to detail in all of our designs, from the color scheme to the fabric design and different elements.

Especially for an interior, it is necessary that it provides its inhabitant with comfort. At Atelier K, we make sure that the interior space of our client is suited according to their taste and sense of style.

You can check our designs on the portfolio on our website. Contact us for more information about the services we provide and we will be happy to help you.


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